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Conference rooms

Conference rooms

Hotel Novum *** has extensive conference facilities. It consist of three large halls with an area of 140 to 190m2. Sliding wall system used in conference rooms allows to organize training both in smaller groups as well as up to 300 people.

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Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant and Lobby Bar

The hotel’s restaurant serves dishes of Polish and Italian dishes. In addition in the Lobby Bar the extensive alcohols list is served with delicious American snacks.

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Hotel Novum *** has 110 beds in single, double and studios rooms. Each of them comfortably furnished have access to free WiFi internet.

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Advanced care and beauty treatment

Infrasonic liposuction – a modern, non-invasive treatment reducing the fatty deposits and cellulite at such prominent places as belly, thighs, waist, hips and arms.

Treated area Price
Belly 210PLN
Buttocks 210PLN
Thighs 260PLN
Mesotherapy – face – promotional price 130PLN 30min
Mesotherapy – face & neck 160PLN 40min
Mesotherapy – face, neck & shoulders 210PLN 60min
Mesotherapy + microdermabrasion – face 190PLN 60min
Mesotherapy + microdermabrasion – face & neck 240PLN 70min
Mesotherapy + microdermabrasion – face, neck & shoulders 2 90PLN 80min

Bioptron lamp


  • Intensifies the effects of the applied cosmetic preparations
  • Makes discolorations paler
  • Alleviates acne, irritation and reddening of the skin and other dermatological changes
  • Improves the flexibility and freshness of the skin
  • Reduces ageing symptoms, reduces wrinkles
  • Average duration of treatment: 4-25 minutes

The treatment should be systematically repeated.


Diamond microdermabrasion
Face + cream mask – promotional price 75PLN 60min
Face + algae mask 100PLN 60min
Neck 50PLN 30min
Neck and shoulders 50PLN 30min
Face +algae+ ampoule + ultrasounds 120PLN 70min
twarz +algi+ ampułka+ ultradźwięki 130PLN 80min
Face + neck & shoulders+ algae+ ampoule+ ultrasounds 260PLN 100min
5 treatments – face + neck & shoulders 520PLN  
Hands 80PLN 20min
Belly, buttocks, thighs 130PLN 60min
Back 120PLN 30min
Radio waves
They stimulate both the surface and deeper tissues, improving their oxygenation, nourishment and microcirculation. The density, flexibility and tone of the skin are improved, and so are the oval of the face and the tint of the complexion.
Face 150PLN
Face + microdermabrasion 199PLN
Face, neck & shoulders 250PLN
Package of 3 treatments – face 350PLN
Package of 3 treatments – face + neck & shoulders 550PLN
Belly 100PLN
Buttocks 90PLN
Thighs 200PLN
Package of 3 treatments – belly 250PLN
Package of 3 treatments – buttocks 230PLN
Package of 3 treatments – thighs 500PLN
Infrasonic liposuction
Modern, non-invasive treatment reducing the fatty deposits and cellulite at such prominent places as belly, thighs, waist, hips and arms.
Belly 210PLN
Buttocks 210PLN
Thighs 260PLN

A series of 5 treatments is followed by the free sixth treatment.

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